Cake Smash Session Special

We tend to throw huge birthday parties to our children with many people, presents, balloons and of course a massive cake:) Nothing wrong with that! I did that to my children too. Although, the first birthday is a bit overwhelming for the little ones, the crowd and noise, they can’t really blow the candle yet. The biggest fun is ripping paper off the presents. Now, the Birthday Cake Smash session is all about the fun. They have the whole cake for themselves and they can smash it, toss it, sit on it and of course eat it. They’re allowed to get dirty:) And this is so much fun! The experience with their first birthday cake is just priceless. Why not have it documented in a form of a story board or a collage on your wall or a desk at work? Why not capture the giggles, funny faces and the dirty toes and keep this memory forever?
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