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One of the things I love most in my husband, is his spontaneity. We used to be really good together, very unpredictable. But now, when we have children, it doesn’t happen that often any more… Last weekend was nothing special, it was cold and not very pleasant outside, but on Saturday after lunch, he just got up from the table and said “now everyone puts some warm clothes one, and lets go out”. The kids got so excited as they had no idea where we were going, neither did I. After a little drive, we arrive at our favorite Fistral Beach in Newquay 🙂 I totally love that spot. There are so many memories in there. This is our getaway. We get out from the car and just keep walking towards the waves, feeling the cool and fresh, salty breeze on our faces and in our hair. Looking at the horizon, and the huge ocean, I realize how little my everyday problems are. Suddenly they don’t matter any more. I feel free and happy and I see my kids feeling exactly the same.
I only wish I was living closer, so we could go there more often, but maybe this way it seams more special…
Everyone should have their getaway spot, one that makes you realize or reminds you how much you love your life, no matter how hard could your life be at the particular moment.

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