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Maternity Photography Experience

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey and a truly amazing experience. The fact you’re bringing a new life to the world means you’re being a part in the biggest miracle on Earth! It’s very important to document this period as this is a very important moment for your family. Whether it’s your first baby or it is baby number four or five, your family is growing and this is a reason to celebrate. Pregnancy only lasts for 9 months in most cases and in some, it gets cut even shorter, so even if it feels like a never ending story and by the end of it you’re just wishing it is all over and your baby is finally here, trust me, one day you will want to remember those days. If not you, than your baby when he/she grows up.

This is why I’d recommend coming to studio and having your pregnancy session. Why not make it a whole day experience? Make the day all about you, you sure deserve it! Many of my clients get their hair and make up done before coming to studio. Whatever you need to help you feel beautiful. Because you are beautiful! Even if you feel the complete opposite, which is absolutely normal, because most of us feel tired, sore and nauseous. Pregnancy is a miracle and it is worth remembering for its importance in our lives.

The studio

My studio offers a comfy sitting area with refreshments throughout the photo shoot and a selection of beautiful maternity gowns in various sizes, to make this experience even more special. Your session can be customised and styled to match your taste or personality, to make sure you feel completely satisfied with your photos. At the end of the day, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!

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Pregnancy photography experience in a professional photography studio Cornwall / Devon.
Pregnancy Bump Photos Cornwall Devon
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Pregnancy Photo SHoot
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Experience Maternity Photography with a comfy sitting area, refreshments through the photo shoot and a wide maternity gown selection. Cornwall and Devon

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